Claus Jeppesen, Danish, b. 1958 ‘My Friend’

‘My Friend’

By Claus Jeppesen, Danish, b. 1958.

31.5 x 23.5 in. acrylic on canvas, signed 2010.

Shuttling between reality and subconscious destinations Claus Jeppesen creates evocative dialogues of bold color and fluent movement thus opening up to his world of ever changing and engaging imagery. Born in Switzerland Jeppesen showed artistic talent early on, leading him later on into co-creating animated movies for the Disney Corporation. An emerging figure within the Scandinavian Abstract Expressionism Claus Jeppesen continues and expands the impulsive nerve of the 1950’s and 60’s famed COBRA group in an oeuvre that has already been exhibited in his native country, Berlin and the United States. Frederick Fine Art Gallery is proud here to present one of Claus Jeppesen’s newest and most daring works.

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