A Large Stunning Abstract Seascape by Tetsuro Sawada, Japanese 1933-1998

‘Abstract Seascape’

By Tetsuro Sawada, Japanese 1933-1998.

57.25 x 57.25 in. w/o frame, 58.25 x 58.25 including frame.

Oil on canvas, signed front and back, dated (19)84.

Minimalist style aluminum frame.

Biography from the Archives of askART

Tetsuro Sawada was a printmaker and painter who was born in Hokkaido, Japan.  His medium is primarily the silkscreen print or serigraph (see AskART glossary); early in his career he also did some abstract oil painting and lithographs.  His subjects are landscapes and skyscapes; he has been called “The Skyscape Artist”.  His style is semi geometric abstraction, focusing on hard edged horizontal lines, colour, light and his unique technique of shading called “bokashi”.

He graduated from Musashino Art University (Tokyo) where he studied western painting.  He has travelled in North and South America (1966 – 1967), France and Spain (1969).

His work has been included in exhibitions in Tokyo, Seattle, San Francisco and in the Norway International Print Biennial (prize).  He has also had solo exhibitions in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Honolulu (Hawaii), Vancouver (Canada) and Hokkaido (Japan). In 2006 his works were included in the “Tokyo – Berlin / Berlin – Tokyo” exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and the New National Gallery in Berlin.

His work is in many private collections.  It is also in the permanent collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art (Ohio), the Cincinnati Art Museum (Ohio), the University of Texas (Austin), the Honolulu Academy of Arts (Hawaii), the  British Museum (London), the  Queensland Art Gallery ( Brisbane, Australia) and the National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo).

His work is illustrated and discussed in  SKYSCAPE – Tetsuro Sawada Works (1989), by Tetsuro Sawada, published by Buschlen Mowatt  Fine Art Ltd., Vancouver, Canada (145 pgs, colour); inScapes – The Visions of Tetsuro Sawada 1972-1987 (1988), by Nancy Hermann and Don Buschlen, published by Buschlen Mowatt Fine Art Ltd. (64 pgs, colour); and in People Who Make Japanese Prints : A Personal Glimpse (1982), by Mary S. Tolman and Norman H. Tolman, published by Sobunsha, Tokyo, Japan (224 pgs, colour and B&W).

Prepared and contributed by M.D. Silverbrooke and Patricia Tonkin


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