‘La Peau Douce’ Abstract Painting by Lars Hegelund, American, b. 1947

‘La Peau Douce’
By Lars Hegelund, American b. 1947.
20 x 24 in. acrylic on canvas, signed.
Minimalist style aluminum frame.

Lars Hegelund graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 1972 teaching at the Academy for some years to come on a grant from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. During those years he was awarded a grant to stay at the San Cataldo Monastery in Italy (a secluded workplace for Danish artists). In 1985 The National Foundation of Art chose Lars Hegelund for their 3 year grant providing the basis for further studies of creativity in the community. The new ideas were featured in his book ‘The Things Around Us’, a series of TV productions by the National Danish Television and a number of magazines for the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. In 1995 Lars Hegelund took up residence in the US and currently keeps studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Lars Hegelund has exhibited in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Atlanta GA and Copenhagen.

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