Bjorn Rye, American, 1942-1998 ‘Nude Dialogue’


‘Nude Dialogue’

By Bjorn Rye, American, 1942-1998.

41.5 x 32in. gouache on paper, signed.

Provenance: Georg Schneider, the artist’s life partner

Bjorn Rye grew up in rural Utah constantly exploring nature around him. He received a BA in Art History from Columbia University in 1973 and a MA from NY City College in 1974. Early on Rye started exhibiting at prestigious galleries: landscapes, still lives and figural paintings of an often expressionistic nature uniquely concentrating the essence of form and light. As the Renaissance man he was, Rye also had several novels published as well as managed to travel all over the world in a never ending quest for visual stimuli. In recent years works by this important American artist have fetched international auction prices in excess of $ 6,000 (23” x 47”). This particular work was a much cherished part of the artist’s personal collection until his untimely death.

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