‘The Musicians’ by Denes de Holesch, Hungarian 1910-1983


‘The Musicians’ by Denes de Holesch, Hungarian 1910-1983. 23 x 33 in. oil on canvas/panel, signed. Asking price $ 1,950.

Well listed artist Denes De Holesch was born in 1910 ,in Hungary. He studied art in the Budapest Academy of Fine Art, then spent half a century travelling, living, painting and exhibiting in China, Australia, America /Canada, USA, Mexico. He returned to Europe, and lived in England, France, Germany, Spain and Austria. Denes De Holesch returned to his homeland Hungary in 1983. In 2010 his Centenary Exhibition was held in Budapest. The 80 paintings were gathered together from museums and private collectors in several countries. Works by Holesch have fetched substantial prices at international fine art auctions.

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