Kyohai Inukai Japanese American 1886-1954 ‘The New Hat’

SOLD. A fine portrait by Japanese/American New York artist Kyohei Inukai, 1886-1954. 15.75 x 21.75 in. w/o frame, 21.5 x 27.5 including frame. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated (19)38. In a vintage gilt wood gallery frame. On the back label by the Coggins Collection and NY framer’s label plus Christie’s East auction label.
Kyohei Inukai was an artist in New York much sought after by high society ladies. He had several important exhibitions but his existence as an artist was made increasingly difficult by WW II. Lately there has been a renewed interest for Kyohai Inukay both in the US and in Japan.
Kyohei Inukai (1886-1954) Paperback – 2014 by Kyohei Inukai (Author), Miyoko & John Davey (Editor), Anthony Jones (Introduction), Miyoko Davey (Preface), Akiya Takahashi (Contributor) This first book on the life of artist Kyohei Inukai features his remarkable memoir, Confessions of a ‘Heathen,’ and also includes an introduction by Anthony Jones, former Chancellor and President-Emeritus, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; foreword by Masayuki Okabe, Professor and Art Historian, Teikyo University, Japan; and afterword by Akiya Takahashi, Director, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Japan.
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