Niek van der Plas, Dutch, b. 1954 ‘Seaside Resort’


‘Seaside Resort’

By Niek van der Plas, Dutch, b. 1954

12 x 16 in. oil on panel, signed

Niek van der Plas continues enchanting discerning collectors with his refined brushwork and subtle palette in keeping with the best of Impressionist traditions. Works by his hand hang in the Art Museum of Rijnsburg and the Art Museum of Katwiijk (both in Holland). There is a continued strong demand for these beautiful and luminous paintings on the international art market resulting in steadily increasing auction prices. In 2008 $ 8,338 was paid for a 16” x 20” beach scene at the Auction House ‘James D. Julia, Inc.’ in Maine. Literature: ‘Niek van der Plas’ by Theo Sanders, 2011, 152 pages, illustrated

Niek van der Plas 'Book'

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