‘On the Beach’ by Stanislav Zhalobnyuk, Soviet/Ukrainian b. 1976

‘On the Beach’By Stanislav Zhalobnyuk, b. Soviet Union/Ukraine 1976

16 x 21.5 in. w/o frame, 19 x 24.5 in. including frame, oil on panel, signed

In an exquisite parcel gilt and grey paint gallery frame

Zhalobnyuk studied at the Odessa State Art Theatre School and with M. B. Grekova (department of painting) 1996-2001. He participates in regional, national and international exhibitions. Since 2006 a member of the National Association of Artists of Ukraine this emerging impressionist is already represented in good collections in his homeland and abroad. This particular work is of an exceptional freedom in expression, brushwork and color pointing forward from traditional Russian Impressionism.

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