‘Paris by Night’ Poetic Impressionist Gem by Eva Holmberg Jacobsson

‘Paris by Night’ By Eva Holmberg Jacobsson, Swedish, 1910-2003. Measures: 13 x 18 in. without frame, 16.25 x 19.25 including frame. Oil on panel, signed and dated (19)72. Housed in an unassuming giltwood frame.

Eva Holmberg Jacobsson: Eva Holmberg is a well listed Swedish artist known for her Matisse inspired landscapes, interiors and still lives, she often traveled to Southern Europe and enjoyed painting the Mediterranean light. She also spent periods of time in Paris where she was a part of the Swedish artist’s colony there, and this poetic painting of a bouquet of white roses on a backdrop of the Parisian blue night is painted during one of those stays. On the back of the painting are attached old newspaper clippings from Swedish newspapers.

Additional information and price: https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/wall-decorations/paintings/paris-night-poetic-impressionist-gem-eva-holmberg-jacobsson-swedish/id-f_11216701/

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