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Pair of Vintage Brighton Pavillion Style Chinoiserie Bamboo Rattan Armchairs

Rising on six legs these intricately crafted chairs with cane seats feature bamboo frames and Chinese inspired bamboo patterns inspired by Chippendale design. 35 in.H x 21.5 in.W x 22 in.D. Additional information and price: https://www.1stdibs.com/dealers/decorative-arts-and-fine-antiques/

Weathered Lifesize Cast Cement Statue of Male Nude after Michelangelo’s David

Standing almost 39 inches tall this well modeled three quarter length statue features a desirable weathered surface and good detail. Especially the facial expression is beautifully rendered. The original statue of David by Michelangelo is 17 ft tall and positioned outside Palazzo della Signora in Florence, Italy. 38.5 in.H x 22 ...

‘Standing Male Nude’ Bronze Figure by Ramon Lago, Noted Cuban American Sculptor

'Standing Male Nude' by Ramon Lago, Cuban American, 20th century, Miami. Patinated bronze, H 14.5 inches, signed. Additional information and price: https://www.1stdibs.com/dealers/decorative-arts-and-fine-antiques/ Ramon Lago is a well-known, respected artist and sculptor whose works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Mr. Lago was born in Cuba and brought to the United States ...

French Art Deco Frosted and Etched Globular Art Glass Vase by Charles Schneider

Standing 7.5 inches tall the spherical vase from the 1920s is designed with melting ice like acid etched 'petals' between clear ribs and the color changing upwards from dark grey to clear. The bottom marked with 'Schneider' and 'France'. 7.5 in.H x 7.5 in.W x 7.5 in.D. Additional information and price: ...

Pastel Portrait of Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia by James W. Champney 1843-1903

James Wells Champney was celebrated in his day for portraits of New York celebrities as well as for his pastel portraits after 18th century masters. This portrait of Frederika Louise Wilhelmina of Prussia (1774-1837), later Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, is after an oil painting by Johann Friederich August Tischbein. ...

19th Century Carved Marble Bust of Young Octavian, Later Emperor Caesar Augustus

Standing 22 inches tall the white Carrara marble bust of the Young Octavian rests on a waisted circular base and is of Italian origin carved after the antique' Young Octavian' end of 1st century BC, now in the Vatican Museums - Pius Clementinus Museum - Gallery of the Busts. The ...

17th or 18th Century Oval Carved Marble Portrait Relief of Domizio Enobarbo

A superior portrait capturing the powerful essence of the personality. There were several high ranking Romans of that name through the time, this portrait could well be of the younger Gneo Domizio Enobarbo (Latin: Gnaeu Domitius Ahenobarbus), the father of the later Emperor Nero. 12.25 in.H x 10 in.W x 2.5 ...

‘The Architect’ Neoclassical Bronze Figure of a Seated Young Man by Hans Keck

Modeled and signed by the German sculptor Hans Keck (active 1900-1922) this impressive bronze figure, standing 20 inches tall, represents a well built young man wearing a loin cloth sitting on a stone ledge with a contemplative expression surrounded by the tools of a marble carver or an architect. A ...

Lars Frederick Hegelund @ The Margulies Collection in Wynwood, Miami

The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse in Wynwood, Miami is with the new works by Anselm Kiefer a breathtaking experience. Photo by my son Rasmus Baaner.

‘Cossacks Making a Stop to Water the Horses’ by Ivan Vladimirov, Russian 1869-1947

'Cossacks Making a Stop to Water the Horses' By Ivan Vladimirov, Russian 1869-1947. 23 x 31.75 inches, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1916?  

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