Robert C. Gruppe

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Robert Gruppe Signature“Expressive brush strokes, lost and found edges, truthfully relate the big masses. One’s own mannerisms and aptitude come forth and sets us apart as individuals”


Robert in his Father's Studio

Robert in his Father’s Studio




Being the third generation of a legendary family of artists, which is almost a household name in American art, Robert Gruppé grew up in a stimulating artistic environment. The family home and the studio of his father, Emile A. Gruppé (1896-1978), were located in Gloucester, MA, surrounded by striking water views, bustling docks and vernacular New England architecture. Soon the smell of the sea and of wet paint would lead the young Robert into what would later be his two great passions: painting and fishing.  For almost 45 years the studio  was also the seat of the Gloucester School of Painting where his father  and other prominent artists of the Cape Ann School taught over 7,000 students. For the young Robert this was a unique and fertile educational environment which he would later expand by studying drawing and design with nominated sculptor  George Demetrios (1896-1974). Through the following years Robert Gruppé has demonstrated a unique ability to invigorate the scholarly traditions on which his art is based, bringing him to the forefront of contemporary American landscape painting.



Robert Gruppé never stops exploring the subtle and ever changing properties of his subject matter. This is evident throughout his work be it the morning view of  Smith’s Cove from his studio in Gloucester or the afternoon glow on the beach in Naples, Florida, where he spends the winters. Often the same motif will be  painted again and again, ‘It’s a new song every day’ as he says with a smile. Using scholarly traditions in relating the important masses, balancing values and establishing design, he lets the ever changing qualities of  light and color create unique propositions. He works swiftly when painting outdoors, knowing that changing weather and light leaves him limited time to catch the moment. Color is applied with broad expressive brushstrokes texturing impasto into a unique personal statement. Sun drenched colors overlaid into cohesive recognizable stop-frames of real-life scenes, make New England and Florida come alive in an impressionistic style reminiscent of Monet and Hassam.



North Shore Art Association, Gloucester, MA,  1971-current

Rockport Art Association, MA, 1998-current

The Arts and Crafts Association of Meriden, CT, 1973-1986

Shawmut Bank, Boston, MA, 1978

Collector’s Gallery, Camden, ME, 1979

McNichols Gallery, FL, 1979

Sawyer Gallery and Seaport Gallery, Gloucester, MA, 1980

Legal Sea Food’s Restaurant, Washington, DC, 1995

Martin County Council of Art, Stuart, FL, 1995

Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, FL, 2002-current

Pocock Fine Art and Antiques, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2004-current

Frederick Fine Art Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2004-current

“Two Friends”, James Kerr and Robert Gruppé. Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, FL, 2007

“Tropical Light”, Frederick Fine Art Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2007

“Art Interprets History”, Marco Island Historical Society, 2008

“Emile A. Gruppé, 1896-1978”, Rockport Art Association in partnership with Spanierman Gallery of New York City, 2009

“A Day at the Beach”, Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, Fl, 2009

Marco Island Historical Museum, Permanent Collection

Naples Art Center ‘Following Footsteps: Three Generations of Plein Air Gruppe Painters’ 2013

Frederick Fine Art Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale ‘Best of Robert C. Gruppe’ 2014



ME: Arts and Crafts Ass. of Meriden, CT

NSAA: North Shore Arts Ass. , MA

RAA: Rockport Art Ass., MA

1971, Gordon Grant Memorial Award, NSAA

1973, Virginia Thomas Award, ME

1974, Annie T. McCarthy Award, NSAA

1975, Frederick Reinhardt Award, NSAA

1979, A. B. Kingan Award, ME

1980, Annie T. McCarthy Award, NSAA

1981, C. Richard Clark Award, NSAA

1981, 1st Prize, Judge’s Choice Award, ME

1981, Maynard Scranton Award, ME

1983, Gertrude Single Award, ME

1984, Samuel Levin Award, ME

1985, V. Thomas Award, Best in Show, ME

1986, Frederick Flatow Award, ME

1997, Rocky Neck Colony Award, NSAA

1998, Frederick Mulhaupt Award, NSAA

1998, Great Gatsby Award, RAA

1998, Helen van Wick Award and Medal, RAA

2000, Gorton’s of Gloucester Award, NSAA

2001, Charlie d’Andrea Award, NSAA

2001, William Meyrowitz Award, RAA

2002, Margeret Fitzhugh Brown Award, NSAA

2002, Building Center Award, RAA

2003, Aldro T. Hibbard Award, RAA

2004, Antonio Cirino Memorial Award, RAA

2005, Paul Strisik Memorial Award, NSAA

2005, Alden Bryan Prize, RAA

2007, First Prize, NSAA

2008, Paul Strisik Memorial Award, RAA

2008, Ben Epps Memorial Award, RAA

2008, Amee B. Davis Memorial Award, RAA

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